Iodic acid - HIO3

This one was a failed attempt to synthesize iodic acid from iodine and nitric acid


    50 grams  HNO3 (97.5%)
    10 grams I2

Round bottom flask equipped with reflux condenser and thermometer was charged with 50 grams of concentrated nitric acid. The acid was heated to 70 C. 10 grams of iodine was added in small portions. The temperature was set to 85 degrees for 45 minutes. After that the reaction mixture was cooled down and neutralized.


It was unsuccessful attempt to synthesize HIO3. One of the products of this reaction was nitrogen dioxide and the amount of this noxious gas was so large that I wasn't sure if fume hood will handle it.
The next attempt will be performed in smaller scale.


     nitric acid is corrosive and strong oxidizing  (latex and nitrile glove can burst into flames in contact             with nitric acid)

    iodine vapour is irritant and toxic

    NO2 is highly toxic and inhalation could be fatal. It's action has delayed onset and first symptoms may     be visible even after two days.

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