175g H2SO4 (~1.8 mole, 96ml)
72.6g ethanol 95% ( 1.5 mole, 92ml)
80g KBr (0.672 mole)
Na2CO3 5% solution


Round bottom flask was charged with 96 ml of concentrated sulphuric acid (1.8 mole). Ethanol was added slowly to avoid boiling. After addition and cooling the mixture to room temperature 80 grams of KBr (0.672 mole) dissolved in 50 millilitres of water was added. Distillation setup was manteled - a beaker containing ice cold water was used as receiver. The end of receiver bend was submerged in water. Heating was provided and stopped when there were no signs of product distillation. Collected product was washed with 5% Na2CO3 solution and water.
Washed product was distilled again and fraction boiling between 35C and 40C was collected.

Theoretical yield (based on KBr) - 73.2 grams
Practical yield: 59.9 grams - 81.8%

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